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Where’s my purchase? Why does my tracking number indicate no activity since the shipping notification?

Please do not believe that the numbers sent in the shipping notice are "tracking numbers." They are actually "delivery confirmation" numbers, and do not track international packages. We believe they exist to cause great anxiety and frustration to recipients of PayPal’s shipping notification. Having those numbers makes PayPal look good, but the USPS look bad. (It doesn’t help that the USPS uses the same form for tracking and delivery confirmation!) The only nation that actually scans the numbers upon delivery is France. Please allow time for inclement weather and other unusual natural disasters which may affect package delivery before inquiring as to status, and please check your Customs and Post Offices first. Many packages stall in these offices, especially in Eastern Europe. Although delivery usually occurs within two weeks of shipping, please allow at least 30 business days. Thank you!

Why is shipping so expensive? Are there other options?

We print our shipping labels directly from PayPal’s shipping center. Currently, the only international postage options offered are Priority Mail International (expensive, but usually quick), and Global Express International (phenomenally expensive!). Since the second option is even more expensive than the first, we are just happy that the packages arrive without getting lost, and usually very quickly. However, our Canadian neighbors (ONLY) can purchase The Atomic Clock from to save a bit on shipping. Since the USPS allows up to 5 items to be shipped in one Priority International package, the smart thing to do is get 4 friends to buy something along with you, then shipping is only $3 for each of you.

Can you send my package somewhere else?

No, it’s against PayPal’s rules. We have to agree to PayPal’s rules in order to be able to have a service to accept online payments. If you want an item sent to another address, we suggest that you change your account info to reflect that address until you receive notification of shipment, then you can change it back.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, if your country allows PayPal.

Can you mark this as a gift so I can avoid customs fees?

Doing this is illegal in the United States and other countries. How will Gene play drums if he’s in jail?

Can you accept other forms of payment?

No, please don’t ask to be an exception. Gene is not set up to accept credit cards personally, and has to be here to endorse checks and money orders. You do not have to be a member of PayPal to use it, there is no mystery to their forms, their customer service is top notch, and they do an excellent job of keeping everyone’s money and privacy safe. The sooner you accept this, the sooner your package will arrive.


What’s the name of the song I hear on the YouTube trailer for the DVD? Where can I find it?

It is called, "I Love AC/DC", and I wrote it a couple of days before I filmed the DVD.
The story behind the rather incongruous title is that, the song had a very Zimmer's Hole-esque feel to it, and it was also used as my audition song for getting into the Hole. As they are massive AC/DC appreciators, and I am not, I had to kiss a little ass for them to accept me into the band, knowwhuddamean?

Is the DVD available for download anywhere?

I sure hope not! Fire off some dough to the if ya rip it off the net, ya thievin' bastards! ;-)

Where else can I find Gene’s DVD?

As of now, only from (for Canadian purchases only), and of course, for the rest of the world.

Is it playable in my region?

Absolutely! Especially if your region is "Hell".

When is Gene's next DVD coming out?

Once everybody on the planet owns a copy of this one. Boy, we gotta shift a lotta units real soon! I dunno, but I do plan another one in the future.


Are the shirt sizes accurate?

The T-shirts and work shirts are accurate. We believe that the tanks run a little small. Some people like to breathe, so buy a size larger if you aren’t sure you want a skin-tight tank.


Which pedals and beaters does Gene use?

I use Camco Chaindrives (single chain) with Danmar wood beaters.

Which snare does Gene use?

My snare of choice is the Pearl 8"x14" brass free-floater. Rimshots? Gunshots, baby!

Which kit does Gene use?

I proudly play the Pearl Reference Series. Best kit I've ever owned, absolutely.

Which sticks does Gene use?

Pro-Mark 2B's. Pro-Marks are the best, most durable stick out there, as proven by many independent quality tests. All other sticks pale in comparison, in my opinion.


What is Gene’s schedule? When is he coming to my town?

I have a pretty well-updated gig-calendar on my site here, that should tell ya.

Can you forward my e-mail/song/business to Gene?

No. is ONLY for issues involving the merchandise, please don't send anything else. Hoglan Industries' merchandise is a very busy one-woman operation, and LISA isn't able to grant your requests for interviews with Gene or freebies expected as reviewers.

Can Gene record/play for my band?

Again, damned gig calendar. But hey, it can never hurt to ask. Especially if yer wavin' a big, fat sack o'cash. Hee hee.

What kind of boots are those? Where can I get them?

The flameboots are called Boodaz, and unfortunately, the company no longer exists. I can't even find them on eBay. So, if anybody out there has a line on 'em, I wear size 13. Thank you in advance. ;-)  
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